A relatively new concept, you can use twisted balloons for all kinds of things. All you need is a little creativity. Available in every color you can imagine, these are the perfect way to decorate. Whether you are hosting a birthday party, celebrating your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, or having an event in honor of your boss retiring, you can do much more with these flexible balloons.

1. If you know how to make balloon animals, you can use twisting balloons instead of normal long, straight ones. Not only are they easy to work with, they are also made of a soft modulus material with the right amount of moisture, so they are more durable. Because of that, you can make creatures that kids at a birthday party will love without worrying about the balloons popping during the process.

2. Twisting balloons are an excellent choice when creating an archway. Whether used at the altar where two people exchange wedding vows or at the entrance of the reception venue, the arch will make a statement. With so many color choices, you can match the primary color of the wedding, as well as its level of formality.

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