Like most people, you have gone to a lot of birthday parties only to see the same boring decorations at each one. If you plan to throw a party for someone you know, why not do something different by choosing funky birthday balloon decorations? That one decision alone will create a one-of-a-kind event that people talk about for years.

That is not to say that more conventional birthday balloons make a poor choice or that they would not look incredible. However, for some people, you need to step outside of the box. Especially if you have a family member or friend with a unique personality, it makes more sense to select birthday party balloons with flair. That individual will appreciate the effort you made to spice things up at his or her gathering.

Okay, so what type of birthday balloons should you consider? Start with the following:

Animal Lover – If the guest of honor at the party loves animals, use that to your advantage when you order birthday party balloons. For this, you could choose a variety of animal-shaped balloons. Some of the more popular options include a dog, pig, cow, horse, bird, and zebra. Just for fun, you might want to add in a couple of dinosaur-shaped balloons as well.

The Dark Side – If the party is for someone who cannot get enough of the “dark side," consider buying several funky balloons of villains.

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