Because the selection of wedding balloons available today is so dramatically different from even five years ago, more people are using them for decorations than ever before. Instead of looking child-like or silly, you will find elegant and sophisticated products. When using wedding balloon decorations, you can choose one product or combine several to execute your desired venue appearance.

Following are seven ideas as to how you can incorporate wedding balloon decorations into your plan.

1. Wedding Balloons Bouquet – Usually, a bouquet consists of a primary balloon surrounded by several smaller balloons in colors, shapes, or designs that coordinate or complement one another; however, you can also choose several of the same balloon. Think of a bouquet of balloons much like one made of flowers: You can go with all one color and size or mix and match to come up with a one-of-a-kind design.

2. Archways – Orbs and twisting balloons work exceptionally well for archways. You can place a balloon arch at the venue’s doorway for the newly married couple to enter through, or station one at the altar as a backdrop for exchanging vows.

3. Gift Table – Wedding balloon decorations are perfect to enhance the gift table’s appearance. One option is to place a weighted down oversized balloon in the center with two weighted, smaller balloons on each end.

4. Guest of Honor Table – For something extraordinary, create a picture frame using balloons and, in the center, display a blown-up engagement photo of the couple.

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