If you want to make a venue more elegant for a wedding reception, anniversary party, awards banquet, corporate dinner, or black tie event, you might find it surprising that large round balloons work incredibly well. Most people think of balloons as decorations for a children’s party, and while people do use them in connection with events for kids, the right balloons can also make a venue look and feel sophisticated.

To create the elegant aesthetic you want, it all comes down to choosing the appropriate jumbo round balloons. For this, you have two primary options: round latex balloons or large Mylar balloons. However, because of advances in designs, you can even choose big round balloons with tassels. To further enhance the venue, you can select coordinating or complementary ribbon as well as beautifully wrapped cellophane weights. In fact, reputable balloon companies also sell twinkling lights for a unique touch.

For a christening or baptism, you might consider a beautiful 18-inch silver Mylar balloon with a decorative designed edge, cross in the center, and the words “Baptism." Or you could opt for a gorgeous white and gold balloon with an elegant cross and a gold filigree design around it. To make the venue even more special, you can order several balloons of the same design, placing them in different areas.

You also have incredible choices for a wedding or anniversary party. For a wedding reception, several jumbo round balloons in a white and gold or white and silver design will not only enhance the venue but make people feel happy as well. With either choice, the balloon has beautiful wavy lines on the front with the words “Just Married." For an anniversary, you can choose balloons based on the number of years the couple is celebrating. One example is a gold- colored balloon with a white center that includes the words “50th Anniversary" in a beautiful italicized font.

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