No matter what occasion you want to celebrate, number balloons will take fun to a new level. In addition to conventional colors like silver, black, magenta, pink, blue, and red, you can now select more colors. By using rose gold balloons, a party becomes even more exciting.
You have other options for balloons in the shape of numbers. You can choose those with a gold background and either orange or light yellow colored confetti dots, orange balloons with dark gold dots, or bluish-green balloons with green confetti dots. For something more original, you can always mix and match not only numbers, but also letters, character balloons, latex balloons, and so on.
When you personalize birthday balloons, you have the chance to make a more profound statement. For instance, if you have a daughter turning 16, you could purchase a number one and a number six rose gold balloon. Then, to complete the look, add a couple of giant uniquely designed balloons secured with coordinated curly ribbon. To keep them from floating away, add a weight wrapped in matching cellophane.

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