Among the hundreds of balloon designs, happy face balloons remain one of the most popular. Commonly called smiley face balloons or emoji balloons, they make people smile. Since 1963, when Harvey Ross Ball invented what we know now as the “smiley face," this round yellow face with black eyes and a huge grin has been used for a variety of products, including Mylar smiley face balloons.
Ball invented the smiley face as a way of boosting the morale of employees working at the State Mutual Life Assurance Company, now known as Hanover Insurance. However, he could never have imagined how this simple yellow face would change the world. The smiley face even played a role in “Forest Gump," starring Tom Hanks.
If you want to host a fun party, something different, there is no better way to succeed than by incorporating Mylar smiley face balloons in the decorations. Because of their increasing popularity, you can find an entire “family" of emoji balloons. Often listed as “character balloons," following are some of the available options for enhancing your party.
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