Although helium balloons are fun, you can jazz up the floor at your next party just as well using air-filled balloons. In fact, an oxygen-filled balloon offers several advantages over helium. As you will discover, it might be worth considering balloons filled with air as an alternative to helium balloons. When used along with balloon sticks, you have the perfect recipe for a successful event.
Just so you know, balloon sticks are much what they sound like, sticks that attach to balloons instead of a string. When it comes to helium balloons, the first thing that you probably think of is that they float away easily unless properly secured. Having balloons filled with helium coming up off your party floor only to end up stuck to the ceiling diminishes the fun for all of your guests. However, by using sticks to secure balloons filled with oxygen, the fun never stops.
Even for a teenager’s party, the combination of balloons and sticks is sure to be a big hit. As older kids, they would never dream of holding a balloon by a string. However, give them a stick, and as you look out over the dance floor, you will likely see bobbing balloons moving in rhythm to dance music enjoyed by the kids.
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