In addition to making a child’s birthday party special, balloons create a festive atmosphere for virtually any occasion. Rather than a single balloon, bouquets are not just inexpensive but also beautiful. If you plan to host an event and you want something unique and appropriate, you will never go wrong with balloon bouquets.

Even for adults, birthday balloon bouquets are perfect. For instance, if you are celebrating your father’s 60th birthday, you could choose a pre-designed bouquet that consists of a large square mylar & foil balloon with the number 60 in blue against a black background and enhanced with a colorful border. To complete the look are two smaller balloons that look the same but without the numbers along with two solid blue balloons. Add matching curly ribbon, and you immediately have an excellent way to dress up the gift or food table.

Another option is a bouquet that has two large balloons, one with a six and the other with a zero. Added to that are two small dark blue balloons, again, one depicting the number six and the other a zero.

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