For any party regardless of the reason or theme, balloon decorations automatically make everything more fun and exciting. However, you need to determine if air-filled balloons make more sense than helium. Although helium balloons do not have air, many people put them in the same category. For the sake of clarity, this information covers both air-filled and helium balloons.

Comparing Helium and Air-Filled Balloons for Decorations

  • Lasting Time – You need to look at how long balloons filled with helium last compared to those filled with air. Latex balloons with helium and the Hi-Float product will typically last up to 10 hours when used indoors, while regular Mylar or helium balloons can stay inflated for three to four days. However, when used outdoors, these balloons do not last as long since the heat increases the rate of escape for helium. Balloons filled with air typically start to deflate within 24 hours.
  • Cost – There is also a difference in cost between helium and air-filled balloon decorations. Of the two, helium is more expensive, but considering they last longer and you can have them refilled, they are a better investment.
  • Design Options – You can have both types of balloons enhanced with designs, messages, and graphics, but those filled with helium come in a broad range of shapes, including characters, animals, smiley faces, and more.

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